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A7268 AA AS BM7266 orez maly

Complicating the complicated

Although the simplest clockwork might seem incredibly complicated for a layperson, it does not deserve such adjective, not by a long shot. The clockworks of more expensive watch are usually fitted with additional equipment, called “complication.”

technika casu

A brief history of time

Time is not a human invention, it exists independent of our will; it was here before the dawn of men and will be here after our demise. Therefore, it is appropriate to rather talk about the need to measure time.

20 ATM

Do not overlook the water resistance information

Humidity is one of the greatest threats to clockwork and a challenge, which many watchmakers had to face since the dawn of watchmaking age. It should be noted, that for a long time, it was a futile fight.


Sport Chronograph & Big Date Collection

This model of sport watch ranks among the most complex and intricate models of the DIC selection, because it serves as a complete time guide for its owner.

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